Fertility Coaching

Infertility is hard. Can we just start with that?!

  • You want to have a baby. You want to be a mom. You want to grow your family.
  • And it never once crossed your mind that it wouldn’t just happen.
  • You never expected that what your body was built to do might not be working.
  • Odds are you feel blindsighted. Pissed off and alone.

The world of infertility is murky. Your answers are hard to come by. It feels overwhelming, confusing and isolating. And every single area of your life is being impacted. At least that was my experience with my seven years of unexplained infertility. It felt like a pinball game. One day I felt hopeful, excited and optimistic and the next day sad, angry and resentful – it was hard to keep up. And this was the first thing in my life that I could not figure out. Every other time I had faced a problem – solving it had felt so doable. But now, the more I looked, the deeper I felt buried by everything that wasn’t working. There is so much information out there. But it’s all over the place. And sometimes it’s completely contradictory.

Bone broth? Acupuncture? Raw foods? Paleo? Chiropractic? Leaky gut? Supplements? Stress reduction?

The list of things “to do” is long. Your bank account is running low. And your head is probably spinning as you drive across town to pick up your bone broth or organic whole foods, get to your matrix of self care appointments and try not to lose your shit every single day. To make it even more confusing, your RE, who is heading up your treatment, is probably dismissing most of it. Suggesting you stay the course of meds, IUI’s and IVF.

What the actual effff are you supposed to do? What’s really going to work? That’s what you want to know. That’s the bottom line you care about.

And that’s how holistic life coaching can help!

You actually know a lot more than you realize. You have so many of the answers. But they’re inside, hidden below a lot of other stuff. You’ve been so caught up in trying to find them you’ve actually lost sight of the most valuable thing that’ll help you. It’s also the thing that will serve you most once you become a mom.

Your intuition. A massive shift that ultimately led me to becoming a mom, happened once I learned to trust my own intuition. And I can help you reconnect with yours.

I can help you identify exactly what you need to heal your mind, body, spirit and life so that you are optimizing your chances of becoming a mom. I can help you tune out all the noise, all the distraction, and really trust in what you know is best for you. Maybe it’s a change in diet. Maybe it’s finding the right book on supplements. Maybe it’s healing past trauma. Or maybe finally finding true forgiveness. Maybe it’s letting go of fear. Maybe it’s dealing with issues in your relationships. Or maybe it’s just coming up with a course of treatment you actually believe in. Whatever your barriers to mamahood are, I can teach you how to find and resolve them.

You know in your heart you’re meant to be a mom, but the road you’re on now feels like it’s taking you further and further away from that dream. Coaching will help you get your life back, feel like you again, and get onto the path that you trust and believe in to finally make your dreams of becoming a mom come true.

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Emily Capuria, LISW-S CHHC

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