Lactation Consulting

Lactation Consulting

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Aubrey Phelps MS RDN CLC

  • Aubrey is a registered functional nutritionist, perinatal fitness coach, lactation counselor, and advocate for women as they make the journey into motherhood. Specializing in perinatal and pediatric nutrition, Aubrey supports women in improving their health, cycles, and fertility so they can have a healthy pregnancy and reduce the risk of complications and preterm delivery. She works with women so they can thrive postpartum as they transition into motherhood and mothers who want to get their little one off to the right start with nutrition and health or those struggling with the anxiety of a child who isn’t growing as expected. She is a momma to 4 earthside babies and 4 angels she has yet to meet. After two traumatic births, miscarriages, feeding issues, a NICU stay, PPA, a VBA2C, and more, Aubrey became even more passionate about supporting mothers in their transition into motherhood. She is the owner of Matrescence Nutrition, author of "The Big Book of Baby-Led Weaning," and loves working with women and families as a part of their village.

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