Enjoy the process of finding the new you

Long after the postpartum period is over, you will still be learning the best way to parent through every new stage, while also growing yourself. One of the biggest parenting myths is that it will just all come naturally and that you will instinctively know what to do. If that was the case, parenting would not be one of the largest section of books in Barnes & Noble. We partner with leading practitioners and professionals in the parenting field, the Psychologists, Therapists, Coaches, and Educators that have years of experience and studies in this field.

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Parenting truths-you are not the only one.

Another myth is that if you are a loving parent, you will never lose your cool. We all get frustrated, tired, have triggers and stressors. There are professionals that can teach you tools to manage stressful periods and to repair when you’ve made mistakes.

Although it may be difficult to admit you struggle with parenting at times, or to reach out for help, rest assured, this is a universal experience and whether someone admits it or not everyone has challenging parenting stages and moments. We can rid the stigmas once we get honest with ourselves and one another. We can get rid of guilt free parenting and end perfectionism so that we can just enjoy being authentic in growing into our best selves and allowing our child to do the same.

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Conscious Parenting

Becoming a conscious parent and recognizing how your actions affect your child can benefit your child’s development and your entire family in a positive way. This is not easy, sometimes you need therapy yourself and to heal your inner child, set strong boundaries, gain control of your mindset, and prioritize your self-care. It is a balancing act and there are professionals that can help you along this journey.

Many professionals remind us that as long as we are that caring, empathetic parent 30-50% of the time, we are still doing great! It’s the hardest job in the world, and we are here to encourage all parents that there is support, opportunities for growth and that your children and family are so worth it.

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What resources are available?

Luckily these days there are so many parenting resources available. You have opportunities to meet virtually 1 on 1 with coaches and counselors, or access a variety of online courses-these make it easy to learn at your own pace, take notes, re-read and refresh your memory on tactics and methods when needed.