Looking For Natural Treatments For PCOS?

Many of my patients end up working with me after coming off the birth control pill — years of being on the synthetic hormones had masked their PCOS symptoms and hormonal imbalances that are only now appearing after discontinuing the pill. Not wanting to go back on the pill, or start medications to control symptoms, many are looking for natural treatments for PCOS. In addition, the synthetic hormones from the pill can create a further imbalance temporarily as the hormone receptors in our bodies need to “reset” to adjust to the lack of high doses of exogenous hormones.

Our personalized programs help to heal the underlying causes of your symptoms for long-lasting relief and actual HEALING of your condition.

The first thing we do in our sessions together is determine what type or types of PCOS we are dealing with. The idea that there is one type of PCOS and one treatment for all is not accurate. If Natural treatment for PCOS is your goal, the first step is a comprehensive Intake to figure out what your type is.

Below is a general summary of the types of PCOS and treatment plans, however, keep in mind that many patients are a mix of different imbalances. Each treatment plan ideally is personalized and monitored by a qualified and trained practitioner. In our practice, we work closely together monitoring progress, symptoms and adjust the protocol as we go as needed for 1-3 months. If done correctly, we expect to see changes in symptoms within the first 3 months. Generally, we tend to see improvements in swelling/bloating, acne and energy first. Then we look for signs of ovulation and re-establishing the menstrual cycle. If working on fertility, we like to see three “good” natural menstrual cycles.


NOTE: Please consult a qualified practitioner to guide you with supplements as some of them can interact with medications, and/or not be appropriate for you and cause side-effects. We are happy to assist you in your personalized plan,or answer any questions via email or phone.


  • Most Common Symptoms: weight gain or difficulty losing weight, acne, thinning hair or hair loss, missed periods or long cycles (over 30+ days), anovulation (not ovulating)
  • Other Possible Signs: dandruff, oily skin, history of diabetes type 2 in the family, anxiety, hypoglycemia, shaky between meals or very tired after meals, high cholesterol
  • Lab Tests: Our Complete Stress, Mood & Metabolism home test kit is recommended. Insulin challenge, metabolic panel, cholesterol, blood pressure, hemoglobin A1C, blood sugar, FSH/LH ratio, hormone panel, especially testosterone which is usually elevated
  • Treatment Protocol: low-glycemic PCOS diet, supplements/herbs, HIIT exercise plan, reduce inflammation, regulate insulin sensitivity and lower testosterone, acupressure or acupuncture (in home or office)
  • Possible Supplements: myo-inositol, active B, gymnema, NAC, ALA, magnesium, berberine (please consult a qualified practitioner first before beginning a supplement regimen to avoid side-effects and for proper dosage)
  • For more on Insulin Resistance type PCOS – click here


  • Most Common Symptoms: unexplained fatigue, aches and pains, feeing run down, brain fog, trouble focusing, rashes, eczema or psoriasis, other auto-immune conditions, celiac, Hashimoto’s, thyroid issues, disrupted sleep, headaches, lack of menstrual cycle, or very irregular, possible anovulation, acne
  • Other Possible Signs: history of mono, lyme or other viral illness, history of candida overgrowth, history of digestive complaints, malabsorption, anxiety or depression, disrupted sleep
  • Lab Tests: The Complete Stress, Mood & Metabolism home test kit looks for hormone imbalances and possible contributors to inflammation. If underlying digestive imbalance/bacterial or yeast overgrowth is suspected, the Organic Acids Test/Candida, Metabolic & Vitamin urine home test kit may be appropriate.
  • Treatment Protocol: anti-inflammatory diet, antioxidants, supplements to boost immune system and address inflammation, calming/relaxation techniques, abdominal breathing, acupressure or acupuncture (in home or office), address underlying GI/digestive imbalance (full GI protocol to fix source of inflammation)
  • Possible Supplements: turmeric, zinc, magnesium, Vitamin C, Vitamin D3, if viral component (Lysine, Cat’s Claw, Lemon Balm), NAC, omega-3, digestive protocol (probiotics, anti-microbials, soothing gut lining repair) (please consult a qualified practitioner first before beginning a supplement regimen to avoid side-effects and for proper dosage)


  • Common Symptoms: period was normal prior to starting the pill, no period for 3+ months after coming off the pill, hair loss or thinning hair, acne
  • Other Possible Signs: weight fluctuations, irritability, anxiety
  • Lab Tests: often will have high LH versus FSH, high testosterone. If cycles or symptoms do not regulate after a few months, the Complete Stress, Mood & Metabolism Test is recommended.
  • Treatment Protocol: reset hormones, balance LH/FSH, detox
  • Possible Supplements: Peony/Licorice Herbal Formula, Vitex (be aware that both of these can make the PCOS symptoms worse if they are not used appropriately, or if they are not indicated for your particular type of PCOS, please consult with a qualified practitioner before use)


  • Common Symptoms: fluctuations in weight (eg. gained and/or lost a lot of weight, ups and downs), yo yo dieting, exhaustion or restless energy, jittery, anxiety, disrupted sleep/trouble winding down or staying asleep
  • Other Possible Signs: history of excess physical activity/working out/exercise, history of extreme dieting, eating disorders, history of trauma or chronic stress, toxin exposure, history of GI infection or other chronic illness or injury
  • Lab Tests: 24 hour saliva cortisol and DHEA test, hormone panel – The Complete Stress, Mood & Metabolism Home Test Kit
  • Treatment Protocol: regulate the HPA axis, re-build adrenals, balance cortisol and testosterone, re-establish menstrual cycle and ovulation, relax the nervous system, whole food, low- glycemic diet, antioxidants, regulate sleep, full GI repair protocol if necessary
  • Possible Supplements: ashwaganda or other adaptogen, active B complex, magnesium

Each program is designed specifically for the unique presentation and needs of the person. I, myself struggled with PCOS for over a decade before figuring out how to address the underlying imbalance. Over the last 12 years, my patients and myself included have been a testament to how effective natural treatments can be when applied correctly. Let me help you reach your health goals!

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